Saturday, 19 November 2016

Ten House Maintenance Tips

Although an ample amount of articles are available on the internet to help you with the home renovation, however, what is often not discussed are potential mistakes that could cost you the fortune. Therefore, this article will provide a list of don’t that may save your time and energy in addition to preventing you from making embarrassing mistakes in your house décor.

Traditional Lighting
In an energy deficient age, if you opt for traditional lighting in form of the bulbs, it may cost you large sums of money. As most of the traditional bulbs consume more energy, which may become a burden on your monthly spending. Therefore, most of the experts recommend the LED appliances for lighting, as the electricity consumption is low if they are compared with the normal bulbs.

Low-Quality Accessories
Most of the homeowners tend to go for cheaper home accessories to save money, however, if the quality of the accessories is low or not up to the standards, it could end up costing you more in the long term. For example, low-quality accessories in the washroom may start dripping water after few months of usage, which would waste the money in addition to causing inconvenience for you.

Appropriate Appliances
It important to buy the right kind and size of the appliances for the house before buying it or building it, because if inappropriate or oversize appliances are used in the house, it could increase the power input. For example, the wrong type of furnace may contribute in costly electricity bills. Furthermore, if proper care is not given to maintain the appliances, it may damage the complete system of your house.

If you are a single parent or you are small family interested in a big house, you could avail the facility of multifamily leasing.  It a mechanism of sharing home with few other small families or people to afford the rent of a big house. It also creates a sense of sharing and community among the people. If you are a person who prefers a private life, you could take advantage of multifamily leasing by getting a house with your close family and friends.

Temperature Thermostat
Installing a thermostat in your house in often missed by the people and they end up regretting and not paying attention in the years to come. However, if you install a good quality thermostat, it would give you a complete control over maintaining the temperature in your home according to your lifestyle, especially if you are someone who spends half of the day away from home.

Air Ventilation
Most of the homeowners lack information when it comes to getting the construction of a house done, especially the air ventilation is not given important, Therefore, homeowners spend large sums of money every year to keep the temperature of the house low, particularly in summers. According to the experts, if the ventilation of your home is designed in a way that it facilitates the natural flow of air in your home, you will not have to a lot of money on air conditioning, as the natural ventilation takes care of that to an extent.

Excessive Water Supply for Maintaining Lawn
If you have a house that uses the sprinkler system to supply water to the lawn, you have to be careful with the excessive use of water for maintaining your lawn. For example, if the sprinkler in not in the proper functioning state, it may play a role in excessively watering the lawn or may eventually ruin the lawn, if it continues without your notice. Likewise, a damaged sprinkler may affect the trajectory or water supply to the lawn unevenly.

Not investing on Window and Doors
As door and windows are probably the main sources of disturbing the overall temperature of the houses, it is, therefore, necessary to know and invest in getting the best types of doors and windows. As cold winter wind enters the house from wrong size door and windows of the houses.  Despite the presence of a good cooling and cozy system in your house, the room temperature could alter due to the negligence on the part of windows and doors of the houses. Moreover, if you have leaky windows, you could replace them to maintain an even temperature insides the rooms.

Damaged Roof Shingles
The roof of any house serves as one of the foundations for houses, if the roof starts to shows the signs of a damage or dysfunction, it should be taken seriously. Consult an expert on the roof maintenance of the house to get a new layer of the shingles to safeguard the first one. However, if they are damaged again, it could cost you money. Therefore, a preventative measure may be taken to protect the roof of our house from coming off.

Assistance of the Experts
Although tips on maintaining the house are easily available, however, if you are interested in fixing the problems in the house for a long term, it is good to consult an expert. As it would save you from paying more to a handyman or prevent the problem from recurring.  Some of the seemingly small problems may be connected to a bigger problem or issue in the house, this is why it is pertinent that you seek the consultation of experts to figure out the problem and fix for once and all.

Monthly Inspections
Though getting the construction of a house is a big job, however, maintenance of the house requires more time and energy. If you are in the habit of inspecting the main system and functioning of the significant mechanisms that run your house, it could delay the wearing off of various systems. Similarly, there is a need to check the fire extinguishers in the house once in a while to prepare you for any case of emergency. And lastly, the electric or power circuits should be repaired and maintained to avoid any short circuit or accident in a windy season.


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